Dear Brothers:

As you are all most likely now aware our Penn State Omega Gamma chapter has lost University recognition through the Spring of 2019 due to poor judgement on the part of our undergraduates. Fraternities at Penn State are under particular scrutiny by the university due to the widely publicized actions of other fraternities.

As we will not be able to recolonize until the Fall of 2019 a group of alumni have quickly pulled together to determine our options for income related to the house. Unfortunately our options for income are limited due to borough zoning regulations and likely limit us to renting the house to another fraternity. While we complete this discovery a fundraising committee has been established and we have a firm handle on our finances and what is needed to hold onto the house while vacant. In order to have the option of not renting to another fraternity or not selling the house we need to cover $54,000 a year or $4,500 a month. This covers the mortgage (note current mortgage balance is $248,795 if there is anyone out there that would like to pay it off), taxes, insurance, utilities and a minimum level of maintenance. While we have some cash to carry ourselves for a short period of time getting your contributions quickly is essential to determining what options we will have available.

As such we have setup a donation link below with two options. One, and the preferred option, is a recurring monthly donation that would be automatically charged to your credit card. Option two is a one-time donation. We estimate that we will need an average contribution of $100 per month from everyone to cover the base expenses. We sincerely ask that you consider donating as much as is affordable to help us through this difficult time. If we are able to raise more than is needed to cover the basic expenses we will use that extra money to invest in the house as there are certainly infrastructure items we need to address as well.

This committee has all made a financial contribution and we sincerely hope that all of you will join us in helping to retain ownership of the house so that we may successfully recolonize and recruit new members that we can be proud of in the future.


Steven Bass '91
Andrew Zurick '06
Robert Klasmier '13

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Save the House Fund

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These donations go directly to maintaining and improving the house and are managed by the alumni association.

We thank you for your contributions during this time!